Len Riggs Alcohol Server Training

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It's been a while since I attended the class, although I have been recommending Len Riggs classes to every server I know who needs to obtain their permit EVER SINCE!!!  I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and interest the instructor taught with - WELL DONE!  I'm sure everyone who takes the Len Riggs will be glad they did. Tiffany
Dear whom it may concern, Please forward this to the appropriate staff for feedback regarding a  Class 12 Permit Training on Wednesday August 5, 2009 at Piecora's Pizza. Instructor: Tina Brown. I am writing to express my sincere thank you for such a wonderful, insightful and meaningful alcohol training. My instructor, Tina Brown, did an excellent job giving context to what we were learning about, providing memorable anecdotes, and keeping the class lively. There was never any doubt as to the seriousness of the content, yet it was presented with such a great sense of humor and poignant stories to compliment the material, that the class was altogether engaging. Because of Tina's presentation of the material I genuinely learned not only enough to ace the exam, but why I personally should really care to remember it (and I fully intend on utilizing what I learned to be a  responsible alcohol server). In all, thank you so much for the great class, and I hope Tina is recognized for her excellence in training. Sincerely, K
3 of us took Rebecca's class at the Federal Way Outback last week. Rebecca was extremely efficient and, all the while, painless and even fun much of the time. Thanks. Ron
Hello, Thank you so much for the professional and lightning fast follow up on my license upgrade request. I will definitely recommend your company to colleagues in the future. Best Regards, Nicolas
Hello!  Earlier this month i took a class with Len at a pizza place in Sunset Square, and i wanted to offer my thanks for the experience.  That was a good way to spend 3 hours;  Both productive and entertaining! Felt like i was friends with the folks in attendance by the end, all of us sharing stories and laughter but still learning what we needed to in order to be responsible servers.  Len's got a good sense of humor and a quick wit, so the class is well paced.  When i left it hardly felt like i had taken a class at all-- Thanks for the painless learnin', Len!  Hope all goes well for you folks, and good journeys~ (bow) elliott MC. PS: the subject of this message is the song Len got stuck in my head for 2 days.  Thanks for that too..
I just wanted to email you to let you know that Vickie did a GREAT job as my trainer last Sunday. It was very informative, and she is a fantastic educator. I learned a lot, and am thankful to have gone through the class. This was my second class, but the first one was just a video that we watched. The in-person training is paramount to learning about these critical issues. I am now MUCH more aware about over-serving, and will be so much more critical when viewing someone's ID. Thank you. Deanna
I wanted to express my gratitude for an entertaining class experience that had me feeling as though I knew what takes most servers a few years, (or 23 years) to learn in one 3 hour class.  Len is a comedian for sure, but he also hits home with his stories and messages.  It was well worth my trip from Poulsbo to Eastlake to obtain a Class 12 from Len Riggs Alcohol Server Training. Thank you for the laughs and knowledge to get out there and start serving!K iplinn
On Tuesday, July 15, 2008, I took my umpteenth Alcohol Server Training class (I am 55!), and no one was more surprised than I was by the fact that I actually enjoyed the class, as well as learned things that I was never even aware of before!  It was taught by a gentleman by the name of Kyle at Brewery City Pizza in Lacey, WA., and his sincerity and enthusiasm for what he was teaching was quite evident in the way that he explained things to us.  I found that I was not listening in order to memorize things for a test, but that I was actually drawn in to what he was saying, and that I was LEARNING in the meantime!  The impact of over-serving really hit home to all of us in the class, who ranged in age from 19 to 55.  Kyle's dedication & concern about drinking & driving was obvious, and I only wish that all teachers could make their topics as interesting as he did - school would have been much more enjoyable!  Time literally flew by, and I was actually glad that I'd attended the class instead of begrudging the time spent indoors on a beautiful summer day!  If Kyle is an example of your training program, then kudos to all of you!   Sincerely,  Debra
Tammy, Earlier today we completed the training course here at our casino. The course was taught by Tina  who did an excellent job of presenting the information. She made it not only informative, but also entertaining. Thank you for coming to our location, and we hope to have you out here again soon. 
Thanks again so much for coming by the winery and educating us about over-serving and checking IDs. Mike and Carolyn were so pleased to know that we all feel more comfortable at the bar and will be more vigilant protecting the winery and its patrons. Cheers! Nikki
This class was an awesome experience for me! Not only did Len make it a very entertaining experience, first and foremost his ability to get the information across and make it stick was profound! His statement that servers are the "first line of defense" in helping to prevent future drinking and driving accidents and fatalities was an extremely insightful and truthful comment! I hope that all who attended our class and future classes take this to heart as the results of over serving & lack of observation are devastating. Thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation of a job well done! Sincerely, Stacey 
 I attended a seminar on August 13, 2007 at the Ginger Palace- 16720 International Blvd. - SeaTac. My instructor was John Johnson. I wanted to say it was the best Alcohol server training seminar I have ever attended. Mr. Johnson was professional throughout the seminar making sure we understood everything in the 3 hrs we were there. He was open to questions and made the seminar a group venture. He included the audience in his lecture as well as everyone’s background in the industry when answering questions. He made sure everyone understood the importance of earning a liquor license and why our job is so important. The style and setup of his lecture was different from my previous experiences because it wasn’t just someone putting in a VHS tape and having us watch. He lectured the whole time and made this a group experience and let us ask questions. I thought this was a great way of teaching the class because it allowed us to learn more, and have a one-on-one chance of having our questions answered if we were confused about anything. I just want to thank Mr. Johnson for the class, and that like Len Riggs website promotes they are raising the standards of excellence in training.    Billie 
Please accept this email as a glowing recommendation for your trainer Brent Marga.  As a volunteer for local wineries I needed to obtain my Class 12 permit.  Brent had the personal passion and professional understanding to convey how important our understanding of the rules really are.  He brought home the realities and gravity of our actions and judgement with humor and wit. Thank you so much for making this training fun while helping me realize how I can make a personal impact. Best regards, Mickey 
Len, wanted you to know that Vickie held and outstanding class today at the Shanghai Garden in Issaquah. It was an excellent refresher for me, and she provided excellent knowledge and her style of communication was appreciated. I will reccomend one of your classes with Vickie without hesitation. Thanks, Mike
LRAST, I attended the Washington State required alcohol server training course today and wanted to thank you for what I thought was a great job.  I already had a good basic knowledge of the subject matter and still was able to learn new things and not get distracted as i might otherwise do. The Trainer did a great job of keeping everyone involved and into the material. Thank you for a job well done. Cliff 
I loved the way you teach the class. Gotta have some humor for me to pay attention! Well done, very good information. I'm glad I took the course through you and am having my employees take your course too.
Thank you for getting my M.A.S.T. permit to me so quickly! I thought your class was great. It was very informative and such a convenient way to get my M.A.S.T. permit. I would definitely take this online course again and will be recommending it to my fellow coworkers!
Hello.  In addition to thanking your for the friendly and professional customer service I received when I called, I wanted to let you know I found the course to be so very interesting and educational. The presentation of information, what to look for, how to handle situations, statistics and the laws concerning alcohol - it was easy to understand and I really learned a lot. Thank you.
I just took your online course and wanted to comment on how thorough and informative it was. I enjoyed it much more than the "in person" class; and the scenarios and Len Riggs were very enjoyable! Thank you! :)
The various scenarios were excellent; both the ones used to illustrate a point and the ones we had to comment on. I believe that they were quite effective. Len was also a great instructor. I enjoyed the “spot the fake ID” segment; that was good way to let us see how closely IDs need to be evaluated. This was good training in terms of depth and duration.  I’m an educator and I think this very well done. Thanks!
Thank you for the training and testing opportunity for my Alcohol Server's Permit! Very nice to use this training and testing tool in the comfort of my own home!  Great time-saver!
I loved your online class. I have taken the Mandatory Alcohol Server Training Class a million times and yours was without a doubt the most entertaining course I have taken. I will be sure to tell my whole staff where to go to get their M.A.S.T. permits!